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Nimbus makes their boats with a thought about any paddler. Designed and manufactured here in BC.

The Telkwa model ("where waters meet") came about as a collaboration between a boat designer (Steve Schleicher) and a CVK shop owner Don Lockwood.


Telkwa Sport

The Telkwa Sport is a touring boat just like the rest Telkwas but made for a little smaller person. It is very playful and manoeuvrable for the size! It has the least volume among Telkwa series but still lots of storage!



The Telkwa is a long, high volume kayak, but it is surprisingly nimble for its size and suits a wide variety of paddlers. The Telkwa was designed to be a full fledged ocean touring kayak capable of doing unsupported trips of at least a couple weeks duration


Telkwa HV

HV stands for High Volume, meaning it is a bit bigger and roomier than Sport and Telkwa. Has also the most room out of all the boats we have! Incredible kayak for expeditions, tours and camping. Fits small and big people.



Solanders are also touring/expedition boats but designed for shorter paddlers.

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