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Tree Island Kayak Tour

Sea Lions, Oysters and Sandy Beaches, OH MY! Please join us on a tour to visit stunning Sandy Island Provincial Park.


This might be the most delightful tour we offer as the vistas are incredible on a clear day - and clear days occur regularly in our summer months here! Sea lions are regular visitors to the area especially in spring and even early summer but tend to roam farther afield as Baynes Sound warms with the season. In the distance we’ll see some of the oyster farms that quietly and efficiently make this area famous, and of course there are wild fish shops near our launch site if you are inspired to taste the ocean on your plate as well as in your heart.


Tree Island has sandy beaches for miles and even a well-maintained outhouse if necessary. We’ll plan a lunch stop so please bring a snack for yourselves or ask us about providing one for you! (No alcohol.) Consider planning to use double kayaks as this widens the safety window in case we have more wind than anticipated. If a weather based cancellation is necessary we will look at paddling closer to Courtenay. Please email for more information or to book with Comox Valley Kayaks on a day that fits your schedule.

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